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Main Competition

The Sleepers/Bez vědomí (CZ, 2019)

Marie and Viktor emigrated to Britain years ago, now the violinist and the well-known academic from dissident circles are coming back. The year is 1989 and Czechoslovakia is trembling in the foretaste of the oncoming fall of the totalitarian regime. However, the self-preservation mechanisms of the police state still work. When Viktor disappears without a trace in dramatic circumstances, Marie begins to search for him and at the same time she reveals his past. The cold, visually expressive spy drama was directed by Ivan Zachariáš for HBO. His debut series was Pustina (Wasteland) three years ago.

M - A City Hunts a Murderer/M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder (AT, 2019)

When the eight-year-old Elsie returns home without her coat, her annoyed mother sends her back to get it. The last one to see her this winter evening is a clown selling grotesque balloons to children on the street. Elsie is not the only child in the city to disappear. When the police still have no results even after some time, a public killer hunt starts in the city. The six-part remake of the famous film by Fritz Lang M - A City Searches for a Murderer uses the space of the series to accentuate the indifference and the hatred that exists among the city's inhabitants. Unlike Lang's film, which described the atmosphere of pre-war Germany, this new, dark, visually stylized spectacle holds on to the present and moreover, surprisingly, also resorts to humor. The series produced in Austrian-German cooperation features among others Udo Kier, Lars Eidinger and Moritz Bleibtreu.

Hide and Seek/Schovanki (UA, 2019)

A seven-year-old girl disappears during a hide and seek game from a locked apartment in a housing estate in an Ukrainian industrial city. At the same time, a new member of the local police, the standoffish criminalist Varta Naumova, arrives in the city. She is assigned to the case along with her sociable partner Maksim. The two different natures are connected by traumas experienced, both criminalists have a personal connection to the case. It soon turns out that one kidnapping wasn't it. A noir morality, the story of which is based on a depressive statistics - in the Ukraine five thousand children disappear per year. The visually unique series has no competition in the Ukraine. It is the first Ukrainian title that has captivated European producers already during its development and has taken part in the MIPTV market in Cannes.

Success/Uspjeh (HR, 2019)

A drama from today's Zagreb, where four characters enter an unlikely conspiracy. In an atmosphere of exhaustion from the constant war of all against all, established by the reign of indifference and corruption, an unemployed, a clerk, an architect and a student try to save themselves. The story of four people on the background of an uncompromising analysis of power relations in the reality of post-communist cities was written by the Croatian talent Marjan Alcevski, who through his original characters managed to touch many topics related to today's life in Croatia. Directed by Danis Tanović, whose movie No Man's Land won the Academy Award (the Oscar).

Blackout/Něnastě (RU, 2018)

A Soviet veteran from the Afghan war returns home in the early 1990s, but finds only chaos and decay. At first he joins a combat group made up of former comrades, soldiers broken by the collapse of the Soviet Union, who interpret its fall as an incentive to anarchy. A few years later, we see him stand up against his former friends when robbing a bank car. A drama that gives the today's viewer a chilling Russian look at the emotionally depicted beginning of the 1990s.

Rats/Zrádci (CZ/PL, 2020)

Beer and meth - two typical Czech export products you will find at parties all over Europe. While beer has a tradition maintained for centuries, the success of Czech meth is thanks to the Vietnamese mafia, which controls 70% of the market with this drug. It is perfectly organized and the outdated police methods are sufficient to fight it. The law enforcers must therefore also often involve some illegal practices. The crime co-production miniseries of Czech Television and Heaven's Gate of the producer Viktor Tauš, filmed according the script by Miro Šifra, takes the viewer to the world of a young drug dealer and a police informant David Frýdl (Cyril Dobrý) in one person. There are only a few worse situations than when the police are after you. For example when the police and the mafia are after you at the same time. It is the most expected new development from the Czech Television of the coming season.