Bones (Kosti)

Origin and Year: Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2020 Director: Saša Hajduković
Runnning time: 2 x 45 min

The Bosnian Bones are the second part of the intended Meat-Bones-Skin trilogy, which tells the stories of people from the war-torn Balkans. The central couple, after which the series is named (Kosti in Bosnian meaning both bones and a name), seems to have nothing in common. Kosta Govoruša is a refugee who is trying to make a living with his sister Kristina. Kosta Gajić is a well-situated businessman willingly involved with the local underworld. After the lives of these two characters cross, everything changes. Bones poignantly accentuate the themes typical of a European region that has not yet recovered from the war – corruption directly linked to politics and the underworld, social differences and sexual violence. They show the local raw and emotional environment, whereby they remind us of Balkan post-war films and their reflection on the rough gotten world.