Me and the Others (Ich und die Anderen)

Origin and Year: Germany, 2021 Director: David Schalko
Section: International Panorama Runnning time: 6 x 40 min
26.09.2021 at 13.00 Place: Orlí Street Theatre Orlí 19

“I want it to be all about me, for you all to see me.” A miniseries by showrunner David Schalko about Tristan, a man with a complicated relationship with the world and himself, is a surreal expedition into the protagonist’s head. This experiment by the creator behind the remake of Lang’s famous M – A City Hunts a Murderer, which was screened at last year’s Serial Killer, is divided into six parts. In each episode, Tristan enters a different world: one where everyone knows everything about him, another where everyone tells him the truth or still other where all love him. And each time, there are consequences. The fascinating experiment ignoring all the usual narrative conventions in order to explore how much we define ourselves through our relationships with others, forces viewers to rethink their expectations and immerse themselves in simulations of different worlds alongside the protagonist, figuring out what they actually want. All 6 episodes will be screened.