Pørni (Pørni)

Origin and Year: Norway, 2021 Director: Charlotte Blom & Gunnar Vikene
Section: Trending: Nordic Comedy Runnning time: 2 x 30 min
25.09.2021 at 15.30 Place: Bolek Polívka Theatre Jakubské nám. 127/5

“Isn’t that a bit like the saying about the shoemaker’s children?” asks the school psychologist Pørni a charismatic mother of two constantly critical daughters, employed by the legendary Norwegian child welfare agency Barnevernet. She’s had enough lately. Beside her own children she is also looking after her sister’s son, who died in a car crash, and her dad, who just came out as gay. Another Scandinavian comedy hit from the last year describes the everyday life of a woman in her forties who oversees the care of dozens of children and manages her own family problems just thanks to her sense of humour. The series of Henriette Steenstrup, written by her and starring her, is so popular in Scandinavia that two more seasons are in the pipeline.