The Accident (The Accident)

Origin and Year: Great Britain, 2019 Director: Sandra Goldbacher
Runnning time: 2 x 45 min

The central character of the story, hairdresser Polly from a fictional Welsh town, is pictured by one of the most popular contemporary series faces of United Kingdom – Sarah Lancashire. The actress known from the Happy Valley series or the Kiri miniseries, presented last year at the Serial Killer festival, is once again the heroine of the working class uniting the local community, who has the courage to stand up for her in times of crisis. At the beginning of the miniseries Polly causes a media sensation when she confronts a representative of a construction company (Sidse Babett Knudsen known from the The Fortress and Westworld series) in front of TV cameras, on whose construction site a dangerous explosion has just taken place. The tragic story reminds us of both the few years old and still investigated fire of the London tower block Grenfell Tower and the disaster in Aberfan, during which a landslide buried a part of a mining village in the 1960s. Screenwriter Jack Thorne, who began with the cult series Skins or Shameless, is one of the best-known contemporary creators of British social-realistic series. The Accident after Kiri and The Virtues miniseries concludes his extraordinary trio of titles from contemporary Britain.