The Nest

Origin and Year: Great Britain, 2020 Director: Andy De Emmony, Simen Alsvik
Runnning time: 2 x 60 min

Emily has a husband with a profitable job, lives in a glass house on the coast and works at a local university. The only thing she can’t have is a child. The eighteen-year-old Kaya, who grew up on the opposite side of Glasgow, has completely different problems, including how to make a living. Their accidental encounter in a car accident will soon begin to be seen as a chance for both of them. When she offers Emily to serve as a surrogate mother and give birth to her child, a series of moral dilemmas and unexpectedly dangerous situations begins. The psychological thriller about deep class differences in United Kingdom, which never forces the viewer a single opinion of matters, was viewed on BBC by over a million people in March this year during the lockdown and was viewed by around eight million other viewers in half a year, so far it is this year’s most successful series as for the viewers. Its author, Nicole Taylor, who was awarded the British BAFTA Prize for the miniseries Three Girls, represents one of the young screenwriting voices who are not afraid to go hard into the topics that divide Britain into two groups.