The Nineties

Origin and Year: Česká republika, 2022 Director: Peter Bebjak
Runnning time: 3 x 60 min

Twenty years is just enough time for a memory to turn into a concentrated fascination. Czech TV series production turned its full attention to the 1990s, which we are now beginning to remember as a historical period, with Miro Šifra’s and Jan Hřebejk’s TV show Rédl, from which Czech Television’s new miniseries borrows Ondřej Sokol, the actor playing the protagonist. This time, lieutenant Tůma is part of a team of police investigators who, shortly after the Velvet Revolution, get dangerously close not only to the crime lord František Mrázek, but also to Ivan Jonák, the owner of the now legendary Discoland. Investigators in shabby sweaters driving Škoda Favorit, a Czech car typical for the 1990s, are suddenly confronted with a whole new type of criminals – those who like to let them know where both sides stand on the social ladder. “A story from a time when mobsters laughed the cops in the face. They could do anything, and the police could only do what they were allowed to. A time when the police were catching their breath,” says creative producer Michal Reitler. Serial Killer will present the first three episodes of a six-part miniseries that is part of our broader focus on the 1990s.