Too Close (Too Close)

Origin and Year: Great Britain, 2021 Director: Susan Tully
Section: International Panorama Runnning time: 3 x 50 min
25.09.2021 at 20.30 Place: Orlí Street Theatre Orlí 19

In this suspenseful psychological thriller, British star actress Emily Watson (Breaking the Waves, Chernobyl) plays a forensic psychologist facing the toughest assignment of her career: to assess the mental state of Connie Mortensen, a patient known across the country as the “yummy mummy monster”. This task will prove challenging for her not only because of the traumatised woman’s initial inability to cooperate. As the various layers of Mortensen’s story are revealed in the tabloids, a key event in the doctor’s life is also told. Adapted by British actress, screenwriter and novelist Clara Salaman from her own novel, the three-part miniseries seems like a typical tale of good and evil at first, where Connie plays the part of a modern-day Hannibal Lecter. Later, however, we discover that it is more about the power of social prejudice, male and female roles, and themes related to mental health and motherhood. We will screen all three episodes.