Nadiia Zaionchkovska
1-2-3 Production , Russia

Nadiia Zaionchkovska had joined 1-2-3 Production team in April 2020 and is responsible for international affairs of the company including co-production and sales. She is a media industry veteran with almost 20-year-experience in all rights sales and acquisitions with in-depth knowledge of CEE and CIS region. Before 1-2-3 Production, she was working as Head of Content at MEGOGO (multi-territorial OTT platform) for five years. She joined at start-up level and left MEGOGO with leading positions across the ex-USSR region. Nadiia later moved to FILM.UA, the Ukrainian leading media and production group, and worked there as CEE Development Executive and Producer resulting in successful completion and distribution of Felix Austria feature film directed by Christina Sivolap.