Serial Killer is an international festival with a competition of television and online series featuring the best and newest of contemporary European TV production. We connect creators from all over Europe, from the West to the East and across Central Europe. We draw on the immense potential of our region and wish to promote a healthy spirit of competition that benefits not only creators, but especially the viewers by bringing them more attractive TV series.

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One of the major issues in our part of Europe is dual food quality, where Western consumers have access to better quality foods than those in the East. Serial Killer’s entire raison d'être is to create a festival where similar differences in TV production quality between Western and Eastern Europe will be challenged and overcome. The festival will welcome prominent TV producers, experts and professionals in the lively Moravian metropolis. Through discussions and lectures, visitors will be able to meet each of these personalities – even have a drink with the head of the European Broadcasting Union.

Besides expanding our horizons and awareness of the European television landscape, the festival aims to enthusiastically promote top quality domestic and international TV production. Serial Killer does not discriminate among television broadcasters, be they public, private, cable or online. Netflix is a TV broadcaster too, after all...

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