Audio-visual art is achieving plenty of new trends nowadays. Big players such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime are gaining an increasing influence on the Digital Single Market. A debate continues on the representation of women in various jobs, as well as in the screenplays of films and TV series. Technology and consumer habits are rapidly changing. New opportunities are opening to present stories and perspectives of those who have not been seen or heard before.

We, Central and Eastern Europe, are also part of these changes. Although the region has long been dominated by endless soap operas as guarantee of a profit, many TV personalities believe it has the potential to become a new “Scandinavia of television production”. Industry Days of Serial Killer welcome this trend and aim to become the first port of call for creators, businesses and consumers on their journey from East to West and from North to South. The changing market opens new opportunities for collaboration across Europe.

Central and Eastern European audiences often discover television trends and events years later after they first appear in their neighbourhood. Together, we want to change this. We invite professionals and decision makers from Central and Eastern Europe to Brno to show them current trends and new directions in television production. Our goal is to establish long-term co-operation, increase awareness of good original and authentic European TV production, ensure circulation of local series, and – most importantly – bring together professionals from all corners of Europe. We want to put the region back on the map and advertise its creative strength to international producers and broadcasters.

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Industry Days supplement the festival and extend it with a professional context. The programme will offer several case studies or panels, it will focus on innovative strategies, new and original approaches to storytelling and project development or even on creative process or the role of mistakes and failures in it. Industry will welcome inspirational guests from abroad and will also open a debate about topics with influence on our market. You will be able to hear about reasons why Norwegian creators decided to implement complex television transformation that has earned them Emmy Award and other prestigious prizes. We will also screen a selection of series for a younger audience – often neglected in our region in terms of production. Millennials and Generation Z are often spoken about but quality content they would enjoy is simply not produced.

We are going to welcome visitors from all corners of Europe: Scandinavia, V4 as well as Moravia; journalists, academics, students, professionals as well as decision-makers working on important positions in European institutions. Several panels of the accompanying programme are meant for general public.

Not to overlook quality production and its creators from Central and Eastern European region, we have started cooperation with three organisations and institutions from V4 mapping their own national markets. With support of Visegrad fund, we are currently partnering with Slovak Association of Independent Producers, Polish Lodz Film School and Hungarian festival of short films Busho Film Festival.

We are already working on Industry programme of Serial Killer 2019. More information will come, and more names and titles will be announced on Cinepass portal or our Facebook page in upcoming months.