Killer among Us: Coming from Russia

1-2-3 Production presents a new slate of hot properties from the headliner of Russian drama breakthrough. Caught into international content spotlight in 2020 after winning The Best Series Award in Series Killer for Six Empty Seats, successful release of Netflix Original To The Lake and Beta Film’s world sales pick-ups Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass and Six Empty Seats, 1-2-3 Production continues to focus on premium high-concept projects and rolls out 5 new hot assets with high potential to travel.

START is a subscription-based streaming service with headquarters in Moscow, that is recognized as a home to premium Russian drama. The main driver for the subscribers is the original offering. START is the leader in the production of the premium original content among VoD services in Russia delivering a ballpark of 40 original scripted series per year and with over 50 shows in progress now. START Originals are already recognized all over the world: 257 Reasons to Live (Beta Film, Sony Channels); Gold Diggers/ aka Russian Affairs (Amazon Exclusives, Walter Presents); Sherlock the Russian Chronicles (AXN Mystery, ZDF Enterprises); as well as the renown sci-fi series Better Than Us, which was the first Russian production to be dubbed into 20+ languages and to secure a Netflix Original status worldwide.