Season 2019

Main Competition
Focus: Norway
International Panorama
Trending - series (not) only for teenagers
Special Screening

You can find the schedule below

Iconic series are being created not only in the US. Large companies such as Netflix, HBO and Amazon continuously call to bigger creative ambitions with their intensive work across the pond, so Europe is not left behind. This year's Serial Killer Festival of course has a selection of the best Central and Eastern European series for you and these will compete in the main competition. Do not expect a dominance of crime stories. Serial Killer also brings focus on the innovative Norway into the center of Brno, supported directly by the creators and representatives of the Norwegian television production. You will see local comedy shows as well as big national dramas. The category of series intended for a young audience, which lacks quality content over a long period, will be introduced full of popular millennial humor and contemporary teen tragedies. The main program will be complemented by International Panoramas and the exceptional Special Screenings. Let us not forget the competition of web series. The production of important domestic players, the Czech Television and new online platforms will surely not be left behind either.

Tuesday 24. 9.

Scala Cinema

17:00 Twin

20:00 Rats

No Art

15:00 State of Happiness (binge)

Wednesday 25. 9.

Scala Cinema

9:00 Best of Serial Killer

16:30 Hide and Seek

19:00 Success

21:30 State of Happiness

No Art

15:00 Skins (binge)

Thursday 26. 9.

Scala Cinema

9:00 Best of Serial Killer

16:30 Generation B

19:00 M - City Hunts a Murderer

21:30 Magnus

20:00 Rats

Bolek Polívka Theater

15:00 Gösta

22:00 Kiri

No Art

15:00 Lilyhammer (binge)

Friday 27. 9.

Bolek Polívka Theater

15:00 Adults

17:30 The Twelve

20:00 Valkyrien

Saturday 28. 9.

Scala Cinema

10:30 Blackout

13:00 Pros and Cons

15:30 Bauhaus

18:00 Exit

20:30 My Freedom

22:00 Mytho

Bolek Polívka Theater

10:00 Non-stop Deli

12:00 Young and Promising

13:30 Can You Hear Me?

15:00 Best of Web Series

17:30 Skam

20:00 Manners

Sunday 29. 9.

Scala Cinema

13:00 Norsemen

15:30 Magnus

18:00 Winning Series

Bolek Polívka Theater

13:30 Exit

15:00 Twin

17:30 Valkyrien

*The program is subject to change