Přednášející 2021

Jevgeni Supin
Manager of TV Beats, Black Nights Film Festival , Estonia

Jevgeni is an Estonian television, film, and theatre producer. He holds a BA in Broadcast Media and has been active in the industry since 1998. Raising through the ranks, he became a full-time producer in 2005 and worked for one of the most prominent production houses in Estonia for 12 years. His track record includes a string of successes – TV shows and series based on internationally acclaimed formats, most notably Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, Dancing with the Stars and Der Letze Bulle, as well as originals. Jevgeni established his own production company Zolba Productions in 2017 and has since brought out three stage plays, two feature films, and a drama series. He is currently working on various other series projects and acts as the manager of TV Beats Forum, the series market of the A-category Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.